Transformation and innovation specialist 

What do I do?

This question warrants a clear answer. As a transformation specialist I am your partner in facilitating meaningful and long-lasting changes within your organization. I do this by drawing on my expertise to align your team, streamline your processes, and optimize your tools. Through this approach, I guide you step by step, ensuring that your transformation is both successful and sustainable.

How I Do Things

My approach is all about keeping it personal. Every organization is one of a kind and deserves a tailored strategy. I believe in the potential of your people and in the importance of using the right tools and streamlining processes. It’s this mix that ensures the changes we make together stick around. I firmly believe that transformation journeys should not only be practical but also enjoyable. With my approachable nature, I create a comfortable atmosphere for a positive experience.

Nusa Services

In addition to my work as an independent transformation specialist, I’m also the driving force behind Nusa Services. At Nusa, we apply my unique D.A.T.O. method to help organizations navigate complex transformations successfully. Our services include consulting, guidance, workshops, and training, all tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs. Curious about how the D.A.T.O. method can benefit your business? Check out the Nusa Services website to learn more.

Suzanne in a nutshell

About me personally

I was born in The Hague and currently call the charming city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch my home. I’ve got a real passion for fostering personal and professional growth. My life’s mission is pretty straightforward: I’m all about diving deep into things and exploring a wide range of experiences. I’m always eager to learn something new.

What I truly value is the curiosity to learn and respect for each person’s unique journey. Humor and inclusivity are top priorities for me – I firmly believe that everyone has a place, and a good sense of humor can go a long way in personal development.

With my entrepreneurial spirit and my ongoing quest for self-improvement, I’m committed to being your partner on your transformation journey. I combine my experience and expertise with a positive, light-hearted approach. Together, we can make sustainable changes in your team or organization. I am Dutch 2.0: What you see is what you get.

As an entrepreneur myself...

As an entrepreneur, I understand all too well the dynamics and challenges that come with leading a business. In my own journey from healthcare professional to restaurant owner, and ultimately to various roles within Operational Finance, I have gathered a rich diversity of experiences.

This experience enables me to understand the challenges, growth opportunities, and transformations that other businesses undergo. It makes me an effective guide in navigating complex transformation journeys. I’ve been through the ropes myself.

20 years of experience in project and transformation management

I’ve got two decades of experience in project and transformation management under my belt. My career started in the healthcare sector, but after ten years, I decided to switch things up. My partner and I took a chance and opened a restaurant, which taught me a lot about entrepreneurship.

In 2004, I began my journey in Lead to Cash (L2C). Over time, I went from being an accounts receivable manager to taking on roles like team manager, project leader, project manager, improvement consultant, and Global Process Owner (GPO).

Now, as a transformation specialist, I’m eager to use my diverse experience to help organizations thrive amidst change. My journey has shaped me into a resilient professional, ready to assist businesses like yours.

Over 10 years of experience as an NLP Practitioner Master

I’ve got over a decade of experience as an NLP Practitioner Master, and my journey into this field began when I was a manager. I felt a strong desire to enhance my expertise, which led me to explore Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). After years of learning and mentorship, I’ve become the coach I am today.

For me, it’s all about blending my solid business background with my coaching role. I keep things straightforward and provide valuable insights that help clients make progress. My aim is to assist them effectively as they move forward in their endeavors.

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