Suzanne van der Horst

A transformation expert with more than two decades of experience

If your organization or team is seeking a significant transformation, the question then becomes, how can you bring about this transformation efficiently and ensure its long-term success?

Numerous studies consistently indicate that the key lies in achieving a harmonious blend among the three fundamental aspects: People, Processes, and Tools, commonly referred to as PPT.

Now, the challenge is, how do you strike that harmonious blend? This is precisely where my expertise can provide invaluable guidance!

Hello, I am Suzanne van der Horst!

Change brings forth opportunities for both individuals and organizations. It offers the potential for growth and collective improvement. I assist both local and global organizations in maximizing these opportunities by guiding them through effective and sustainable transformations.

With over two decades of experience in this field, I have a profound understanding of the key factors necessary to successfully achieve transformation goals. I continually apply a tailored strategy that prioritizes efficiency, centers on people, and takes a comprehensive approach.

Successfully led transformation journeys at, among others,

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